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More than 150 companies use Blue Ridge SaaS solutions and services worldwide. Blue Ridge customers are leading retailers, wholesale distributors, and brands in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Our customers range in size from $25 million to over $8 billion in revenue.

Most of the clients listed here use Blue Ridge SaaS solutions for demand planning, forecasting, replenishment and allocation. Many use the CLARITY SaaS Analytics suite and Lifeline services for ongoing guidance. All have engaged Blue Ridge’s services for education and talent development of their demand planning, forecasting and replenishment teams.


No one can say more credibly than our clients why they chose to do business with Blue Ridge and the kinds of results they’ve achieved with our help. Hear it first-hand from them here.


Home Hardware - Retail

Cathy Pinder of Home Hardware states software and service are the reasons why she turned to Blue Ridge for better inventory performance. The CLARITY software makes it easy to view key inventory performance indicators, and it enables users to streamline the buying process. When needed, the Blue Ridge team is always available to help.

“The buying that we do is quicker. I can get through my orders faster… I would recommend CLARITY as a software.”


Major Brands - Beverage

Laura Rockman, Vice President of Purchasing at Major Brands says service and support is one of the greatest benefits of working with Blue Ridge. The Blue Ridge team not only responds to questions quickly, but they also help to provide coaching and training.

“They provide the coaching that is needed for everybody at every level of the organization and that is hard to find anywhere else.”


CRP Industries - Automotive

Purchasing Manager of CRP Industries Madelyn Ramirez asserts CLARITY is the reason they have experienced quick and dramatic results, including a huge reduction in back orders. The user-friendly  system will support results in the short and long term, and the people that stand behind it are an added benefit. 

“We have seen incredible results. I honestly did not think we would see results this quickly and this dramatically.”


Director of Supply Chain Management Jürgen Schlueter at CRP Industries states why the partnership with Blue Ridge was a timely one. On a year to year basis, they sustained double-digit growth, but the inventory grew by only 15%. At the same time, CRP reduced backorders to company goals.

“I have always had positive experiences with the Blue Ridge team. They have been open to our suggestions, they have been very responsive to our questions and needs.”


Lindenmeyer Munroe - Paper

Greg Murphy of Lindenmeyer Munroe explains how Blue Ridge was able to help them reduce excess inventory and increase buyer productivity. With the CLARITY software, the paper wholesaler experienced return on investment within the first year.

“CLARITY definitely allowed us to reduce our inventories… The training and education has been fantastic to help us through these growth periods.”


Henry Schein - Medical

Henry Schein’s Vice President of Inventory Management Lou Mercado emphasizes the value of partnering with Blue Ridge. Through Blue Ridge’s education and training, the company has created leaders within the organization. The CLARITY system with analytics has improved service levels and saved the company money.

“We wouldn’t be where we’re at today… if it wouldn’t be for Blue Ridge.”


Burris Logistics - Food Service

Mark Williams of Burris Logistics discusses how CLARITY and the service from the Blue Ridge team has improved the company’s buying process. By designing program enhancements specifically for Burris Logistics, the company was able to save money and better control the products.

“Buyers have found the CLARITY purchasing system is easy to work, easy to pick up... I don’t know if they could do without it.”


Glazier's Food Service - Food Service

Shelly Hoffman, Director of Merchandising at Glazier’s Food Service, explains that working with Blue Ridge is a true partnership. The intuitive CLARITY system is easy for buyers to use and improves time efficiency. The talent development Blue Ridge provides is designed improve the buying profession.

“It’s been a very, very positive experience from the get-go.”


Associated Food Stores - Food Service

Todd Bell, Director of Inventory Management at Associated Food Stores states CLARITY from Blue Ridge is the solution he never thought he’d find anywhere. Combined with world-class service, the relationship has produced proven results for the company.

“I probably looked at every solution there is through the years and nobody had the answers the perishable teams needed… Everything that we needed was created [by Blue Ridge]”


Valley Bakers - Food Service

Valley Baker’s Purchasing Manager Mark Ashauer explains CLARITY was a huge improvement to the company’s previous ERP system. From demand forecasting to inventory management, CLARITY bettered the company’s entire buying process. Valley Bakers have experienced improvements in order accuracy and inventory levels.

“Once we found CLARITY and saw the functionality, it was a no brainer.”


Mike Eash, Purchasing Manager at Valley Baker’s, shares credit with Blue Ridge and the CLARITY solution for some of the major results the company has experienced in inventory management. In the midst, of double-digit sales growth, Valley Baker’s has exceeded its service goals.

“We’ve been amazed at the growth in our sales, and just the few out of stocks that we’ve had.”

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