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Clarity FAQ of the Week: How do I see a range of service goals by buyer? Get the Answer.
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This could be your company…you have too much inventory but still you aren’t getting the product availability and demand fulfillment that your customers need.

You’re not alone…Companies have long managed inventory replenishment by making the trade-off between product availability and demand fulfillment, and corporate cash and profit needs. The Blue Ridge CLARITY Replenishment application lets you apply a disciplined strategy that sustains optimum alignment. Our SaaS demand forecasting and inventory replenishment solution ensures proper inventory levels and increased cash flow for retailers, wholesalers and their trading partners.

CLARITY Replenishment leverages advanced forecasting, replenishment economics, constraint optimization, event demand management, deal forward buying and more to deliver bottom-line results to all stakeholders. The solution manages demand and executes replenishment based on your unique dynamics, using the most profitable replenishment methodology to properly align your inventory with your sales, inventory and profit goals.

See Stabilization or Dramatic Reduction of Inventory

CLARITY Replenishment helps you predict your inventory effectively so you always have the right amount of items in the correct locations. No more over-investing in slow items or lacking enough stock to fill customer orders. Our SaaS solution reviews and calculates each item individually in each location, and all components are analyzed in real-time so nothing is overlooked. Strategic profit-driven processes support workflow every step of the way.

The result? Alignment of inventory with demand, stabilization of inventory levels, or possible dramatic inventory reductions of 30% and more.

Replenishment stablizes inventory by:

  • Managing trends at the SKU, item, location, category, and company or other levels using multiple, self-adjusting demand forecasting formulae
  • Managing seasonal demand forecasting by defining historical patterns in demand and predicting periodic uplifts and downturns
  • Defining optimal replenishment orders that not only assure demand fulfillment but also minimize inventory and supply chain costs
  • Adjusting for unusual circumstances or prompting users to review and take action only on items that fall outside acceptable tolerances with exception management tools

Gain Control over Demand Fulfillment

CLARITY Replenishment makes it easy to improve demand fulfillment without inventory risk. Replenishment buyers quickly and accurately execute their investment/replenishment needs, raising productivity and leaving more time for pre-emptive management of supplier and item opportunities. Our organized workflow and automated prompts save replenishment buyers hours a day in making decisions and managing details. Automated notifications, optimized replenishment and other guiding capabilities protect inventory goals—all while ensuring the correct inventory is in place to meet customer demand.

Replenishment elevates customer service by:

  • Anticipating inventory replenishment needs and creating "smarter" replenishment orders that provide optimal customer service with minimal inventory investment
  • Automatically calculating SKU/location safety stock requirements to meet item availability and demand fulfillment requirements
  • Automatically prompting replenishment buyers when it's time for replenishment of a vendor line to meet demand and avoid stockouts … or when it’s safe to delay to optimize cash allocation
  • Leveraging related or replaced items to initiate new item demand forecasts to ensure a solid start for category or store expansion initiatives

Free Up Cash to Fuel Business Growth

No other SaaS system builds orders using economic order cycles and profitable deal buy decisions that also comply with your lead-time and logistics constraints. Our CLARITY Replenishment application was developed with proven processes to deliver better cost control and inventory replenishment. Replenishment’s visibility and controls let you take advantage of item and supplier lead-times, delivering the economies of accurate days-on-hand, increased turns and improved cash. And the application lets you determine the most profitable order frequency, useful in negotiating mutually profitable supplier relationships, by identifying the most effective order size.

Replenishment affects your bottom line by:

  • Defining cost-effective time supply of product to buy at both item and vendor level to gain economies
  • Building orders to brackets automatically, considering logistics constraints such as paid-freight minimums or truckloads
  • Enabling performance measurement using our decision support tools, to understand the impact of maintaining or changing the level of their inventory, customer-service goals, cash-flow requirements and other vital measures, and execute against that understanding
  • Allowing “what-if” evaluation so management and users can create and analyze scenarios to evaluate the effect of changes in inventory policy prior to implementation

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Learn, share, grow ...

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Clarity FAQ of the Week: How do I see a range of service goals by buyer? Get the Answer.
Free Book Offer: 10 Steps to a World Class Inventory Investment Team Request a Copy
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